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People say “they don’t make things like they used to”.  Well, I still do, just like your grandfather and his father before him.


Don’t let the classic look of the alligator or the artistry of tooled leather fool you. The gear I make is designed to hold up to rugged use, deliver long lasting durability and look great.  This is gear that your grandkids will fight over when you are gone. Some call it heirloom quality, but I just think it’s the way things should be made.


Every piece of gear that comes out of my shop is hand made by me. Most people won’t spend the time or money to make things the way I do. I don’t look for ways to make things cheaper and faster…I look for ways to make them better and more durable.


I have been working with leather for over 25 years and use techniques that have been developed and honed by leather craftsmen for hundreds of years. All of my heavy stitching is done by hand, not with a machine. I am a leatherworker not a seamstress. I can run a sewing machine…I have 3 of them. I just prefer hand stitching most things.  This delivers a stitch that is much stronger and more durable than any machine can produce.


I use the best materials I can find and try to use USA made products.


If you visit my shop you won’t find a staff. It’s only me at a work bench building quality leather gear that I proudly put my name on.